The Sixteenth Hole: A Screenplay

Something stinks at the lush, swanky, exclusive Palmetto Golf Country Club and it’s not the quality of the golf. Pig farmer Earl Scrubs loves everything in his life: his family, his home and his animals. The only problem is it’s in the center of the prestigious Palmetto Golf Country Club golf course where golfers must play through a pig wallow on the 16th hole. Club receipts are down and something has to be done. The club’s president kidnaps Scrubs’ most prized possession, his famed prize-winning pig, and holds it hostage to force him to sell the land.

Disdaining the offer of a free lifetime club membership and preferring grilled pork chops to caviar and champagne, Earl challenges the club president to a winner-take-all match. A hilarious, comic sendup of high-status golf that places a pig farmer in a gentleman’s game, the fate of the farm rest on its outcome. Earl, who gets a crash course in the game from legendary mystical gold pro, thought he knew everything there was to know about golf but he’s about to find out the game still has a thing or two to teach him about life.